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5 Late-Term Babies Aborted in D.C. Scheduled for Disposal After Discovery

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The DC Medical Examiner is expected to dispose of the remains of five late-term aborted babies, prompting concerns that they may have been partially aborted or killed after birth in violation of federal law.

The discovery, nearly two years ago, raised suspicions that the abortions may have violated federal law, with activists pointing to evidence and a 2012 undercover video.

Despite calls for autopsies and investigations, the Department of Justice’s alleged instruction to dispose of the babies has sparked demands from Republican lawmakers and pro-life organizations to halt the disposal and conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

Thomas More Society senior counsel Martin Cannon said, “The condition of those babies and the circumstances under which they died is still relevant to the case.”

“It’s pertinent to sentencing. And I’ve been making some efforts lately to find another pathologist and see what we can do. And, of course, I have advised the medical examiner’s office of that,” he continued.

The Republicans wrote, “According to evidence and photos, it appears that the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban act and the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act were both possibly violated, and that at least one child was likely a victim of a partial-birth abortion — which occurs when a physician delivers a living child for the purpose of performing an overt act to intentionally kill that child. Two years have passed have passed since these victims were discovered in early 2022, and yet, despite calls from Congress and non-government entities, there still have-not been autopsies performed or an investigation conducted into this matter.”

The letter continues, “It has now come to our attention that there are reports that the Department of Justice has instructed the medical examiner’s office to dispose of the babies’ bodies. As Members of Congress, we would like to remind you that the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which Congress passed and President Bush signed into law in 2002, guarantees that every infant born alive, including an infant who survives an abortion procedure, is considered a person under federal law. An investigation must be conducted on what happened in the Washington Surgi-Clinic to these children to determine if a crime was committed.

“We demand that you immediately halt plans to dispose of these children, as they may well be evidence of a crime. We further demand you stop stonewalling and finally conduct a thorough investigation into the deaths of these children to determine what truly happened, and hold any lawbreakers or murderers accountable. At the end of this investigation, we encourage a respectful burial of the babies,” demanded the GOP lawmakers.

The case continues to raise questions about potential violations of federal law and the handling of the babies’ remains.

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This article was originally published at Publications approved for syndication have permission to republish this article, such as Microsoft News, Yahoo News, Newsbreak,...