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Why Isn’t The Biden Administration Suing Texas For Taking Over The Job of Border Patrol?

via KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas
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Texas has taken control of a 2.5-mile stretch of a city park on the Rio Grande, deploying the National Guard to patrol and erecting barriers to prevent migrant crossings.

The Biden administration has not sued Texas despite threatening to do so after the state’s actions.

Texas has begun arresting migrants for trespassing, diverging from previous National Guard practices at the border.

The state is now considering expanding its control to other border areas.

“I think that the federal government is watching this closely to see what Texas does to expand its authority, but at this point it’s a tactical decision,” Tom Warrick said.

“If Texas expands its authority, that would probably provoke a (legal) response. They want to wait until they have a rock-solid case,” he said.

The Biden administration is currently holding back legal action, citing concerns about potential confrontations and the desire to appear tougher on border security.

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