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Netanyahu: Israel ‘Just A Touch Away’ From Decisive Victory Over Hamas

via Yahoo News
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed that Israel is close to achieving a decisive victory over Hamas, emphasizing the necessity of complete and decisive victory to ensure security for Israel.

He also addressed the families of hostages held by Hamas, highlighting the ongoing efforts to secure their release.

“Now we are in Khan Younis, and we have guided the IDF to go into these last strongholds of Hamas,” Netanyahu said. “Here, again, when the time comes, the IDF, according to international law, will enable the civilians a safe passage outside these areas. The destruction of this underground is what we are going to do until the very end.”

In response to the recent Hamas massacre, the Biden administration is reportedly considering recognizing a Palestinian state, and there are indications of interference with Israel’s mission to defeat Hamas.

“I would like to emphasize once again, there is no other solution other than this complete and decisive victory, because otherwise it is just a matter of time until the next massacre, and the axis of terror from Iran will continue,” he said.

“So only by destroying Hamas will we have security for the State of Israel in the north and in the south, because Hamas would like to radiate its terror all over the Middle East. I said to the (U.S.) Secretary of State Anthony Blinken we’re just a touch away, a finger away from that decisive victory,” he said.

“Now I would like to speak to the families of the hostages and say to them: Your dearly beloved are always in our hearts. We’re looking at you; we’re looking at them, their pictures, and our heart is broken. And we will not stop acting the whole time trying to find some kind of agreement; some way of bringing them home. Continuing this pressure is a condition; it’s an unequivocal situation and we must achieve their release, because if we do not we are going to bring a terrible catastrophe to the state of Israel if we stop.”

“Now, for the day after, I would like to clarify that the day after is the day after Hamas, not part of Hamas, not half Hamas, but the entire Hamas. And I said to Secretary of State Blinken that after we eliminate them, we will ensure that the Gaza Strip will be demilitarized forever. There is only one strength and power that can ensure that demilitarization. It is only the State of Israel and the IDF,” he said.

Secretary of State Blinken has attempted to draw a moral equivalence between Hamas’ actions and Israel’s response.

“Israelis were dehumanized in the most horrific way on October 7. The hostages have been dehumanized every day since. But that cannot be a license to dehumanize others,” Blinken said.

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