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Media ‘Fact Checking’ Drops Substantially Under Biden

via The Independent
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Fact-checking of President Biden’s statements has significantly decreased compared to the scrutiny faced by former President Trump.

Media critic Joe Concha highlighted the lack of fact-checking accountability, particularly regarding Biden’s claims about inflation and border security.

Concha argued that the declining credibility of fact-checkers, as indicated by a Pew Research survey, has raised concerns, especially among Republicans and independents.

“But Dale has become the fact-checker version of Edward Snowden under Biden. He’s almost impossible to find these days. In fact, Dale has not conducted even one fact-check of the president since June,” Concha said.

This lack of accountability is seen as problematic, particularly in the lead-up to the midterm elections.

“The midterm elections are 50 days from now. The balance of power in Washington hangs in the balance. More than ever, words matter,” Concha wrote. “Lies and half-truths must be called out. It shouldn’t matter if a Republican or Democrat occupies the Oval Office.

“But apparently fact-checkers are mostly on a four-year sabbatical at this point. And it’s pathetic,” he said.

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