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Homeless Man In Viral TikTok, Who Received Charitable $400K, Accused of Brutal Assault

via FOX
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A viral TikTok video featuring a homeless man led to a fundraising campaign that raised over $400,000.

However, the man, Alonzo Douglas Hebron, has a violent criminal history, including a brutal assault captured on camera.

The woman who was a victim of his attack expressed concern about the portrayal of the man in the video, emphasizing his dangerous nature.

“I’m speechless,” the victim said.

“First of all — kudos to the woman who did this. She meant well, and I do applaud her for that. I know it was a lot of work for her to do so, but [she is] portraying him as something he just simply isn’t.”

“I do not understand how a human being can act like this. He’s a sociopath. He does not have a sense of remorse,” she said.

“I’ve been struggling since then,” she added. “Last week was my 18-month anniversary and the last two days, I came close, but I didn’t because he’s not worth it.”

The video’s creator, Sanai Graden, was unaware of his criminal past, and the victim shared her story to caution others.

Hebron’s criminal record includes a 2012 assault and an escape from a halfway house in 2023.

The fundraiser was initiated to help Hebron, who disclosed his medical issues, but the victim urges caution, expressing concern about his presence on the streets.

“After walking and talking, he decided to open up about his current situation. I’ve learned that he’s homeless, has no family and currently has prostate cancer. I then offered him food, and he didn’t want to accept. I informed him that if he needed anything to let me know,” she wrote.

“Why is he on the street? How many people does he have to hurt before he is locked up for good,” she said. “He will not stop. I don’t know what they’re waiting for.”

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