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Former NFL MVP Boomer Esiason: The NFL Will Be Here After Taylor Swift Is Gone

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Former NFL MVP Boomer Esiason discussed the impact of pop star Taylor Swift on the NFL, suggesting that the league will endure beyond her influence.

He also speculated on potential endorsements and the financial impact of Swift’s involvement with the NFL.

“Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a K (kiss) at the end of the game in the Super Bowl and a ring,” Esiason said.

“Oh, my God,” Gregg Giannotti said.

“I’m so psyched about it,” Esiason quipped.

“Do you think that Travis Kelce and his $100 million would go to Kay Jewelers?” Giannotti asked.

“Hey, Kay Jewelers is going to pay these guys, yeah,” Esiason said. “You don’t think that Kay Jewelers wouldn’t pay them for the post-game ceremony?”

“If they took an endorsement, those two, who are a combined, she’s probably a billionaire alone, right?” Giannotti asked.

“She’s two billion. She’s made over $2 billion on the Eras Tour alone,” Esiason said.

Esiason emphasized the power and financial significance of Swift’s influence, despite expressing disappointment with her recent public appearances.

“Now, if she ended up taking an endorsement from Kay Jewelers for her engagement, that is the most low-class thing I’ve ever heard in my life,” Giannotti said.

“The other thing, too, I was thinking that because of all these stories coming out, that she has ‘raised the level of the NFL,’ the NFL is going to be here after she’s done. It was here before she got started,” Esiason said.

“I love this. I love this Boomer heel turn on Taylor Swift, this is the greatest thing to ever happen,” Gianotti interjected.

“You gotta know that her people are in touch with the NFL,” Esiason said. “And her people are probably saying, ‘If you want her at the game, you gotta pay for the jet coming back from Tokyo — and she needs her own suite.’ I’m telling you, man. This is business, man. This is all about business. How many times are we, CBS, going to show her? And are we going to show an arrival shot? … What’s interesting is if the NFL does pay for all of this stuff, you know, it could be like, ‘Okay, we’ll take care of all that but we want to be able to shoot you as you get to the stadium; we want to be able to whatever.’”

“Is this one of those Boomer breadcrumb things because you’ve heard that this is actually what’s going on or is this just your guess?” Giannotti asked.

“I think it’s my guess in this case,” Esiason said. “I have a feeling that she is so powerful, so consuming and the metrics show you how successful the NFL has been with her being a part of it, and they can break down what they believe is her financial impact on the NFL. And that number is close to $350 million in the short time she’s been around. Impressions, followers, social media.”

“It’s everything; she is beloved by her fans,” he said. “This is why I was a little disappointed last night; I really have taken a liking to her but that speech last night was like tone-deaf.”

“She didn’t get to where she’s gotten without promoting herself, right?” Giannotti said. “Can you really get on her for that?”

“I think she’s at the point now where she doesn’t have to promote herself; all she has to do is show up. …You want to endear her to people who may not like her or may wonder about her music or whatever,” Esiason said.

“Especially football fans,” Giuannoti said.

“Exactly. You say, ‘Thanks, I’ve enjoyed my time being part of the Chiefs’ kingdom,’ that kind of thing,” Esiason said.

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