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Nikki Haley After Nevada Loss: ‘Trump Rigged It’

via FOX
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Nikki Haley expressed that the Nevada Republican Party presidential primary was “rigged” by Donald Trump, following her loss to “None of These Candidates.”

She highlighted the lack of significance of Nevada in their campaign strategy and emphasized their focus on South Carolina, Michigan, and Super Tuesday.

“No, I mean, Nevada, it’s such a scam. They were supposed to have a primary. Trump rigged it so that the GOP chairman, who’s been indicted, would go and create a caucus. We knew months ago that we weren’t going to spend a day or a dollar in Nevada, because it wasn’t worth it,” Haley said.

“And so we didn’t even count Nevada. That wasn’t anything we were looking at,” she said.

“We knew that was rigged from the start. Our focus is on South Carolina, Michigan, and Super Tuesday. So, if you look what we did in Iowa and you look at what we did in New Hampshire, we’re continuing to grow. That’s what matters, I think, more than anything else.”

Haley also criticized the chaos within the Republican Party, pointing out recent events and attributing them to Donald Trump, advocating for a change to counter Democratic chaos with Republican stability.

“But look at what happened this week,” she said. “Here you have, Republicans lost a major vote on the border, Republicans lost a major vote on Israel. Donald Trump was found that he will not have immunity in all of these court cases coming up. The RNC chair is fired. All of this chaos is happening around us and Donald Trump’s fingerprints are on every bit of it.”

“We can’t continue as the Republican Party to go forward with this chaos. You don’t defeat Democrat chaos with Republican chaos. And that’s why we’ve got to see a change,” she said.

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