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Even CNN Reports Mental Decline Has Forced Biden Into Hiding

via Bloomberg Television
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A Bloomberg correspondent on CNN, Salena Mohsin, questioned President Biden’s avoidance of a traditional Super Bowl interview, suggesting it might be due to his inability to handle such a forum.

The discussion arose after Trump invited Biden to an immediate debate, prompting CNN to consider the possibility of presidential debates this year.

“[H]im saying no to something that he’s expected to do, a serious interview, he can really get his message out to an audience, just sitting, waiting for him, waiting for his message, is telling,” Mohsin said. “Is it because he can’t handle it?”

“Immediately? Well, if I were him, I’d want to debate me, too. He’s got nothing else to do,” Biden said.

“I think I’m in the minority on our team in that I am convinced there will be debates, and I don’t see any way there is not. Am I wrong?” Phil Mattingly asked.

“Look, since 2016, everything we were convinced of, we need to throw out. Maybe it will happen; it will happen for different reasons than it used to,” Mohsin said.

Mohsin referenced a clip of Biden’s speech, expressing concerns about his ability to connect thoughts and find words.

“[J]ust look at that clip we just saw. If he is not able to follow the questions, if his staff is worried that he can connect the dots and find the word that he’s looking for, that’s a problem,” Mohsin said.

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