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Taylor Swift at Super Bowl LVIII prompts Las Vegas nightlife industry to make changes

via ESPN
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Taylor Swift’s decision to support her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas has significantly impacted the city’s nightlife.

Steve Hill, CEO of the Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority said, “That’s the case by quite a margin right this minute.”

“And she’s not just No. 1. [It’s] like, ‘Where’s No. 2?'” he asked.

“So, the spotlight she brings when — wherever she is — certainly to the NFL and now the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, just turns that spotlight up tremendously,” added Hill.

Her presence has drawn attention from various establishments, leading to Taylor Swift-themed offerings, bets, and packages in hotels.

This has resulted in an influx of Swift fans, adding a unique dynamic to the Super Bowl weekend in Vegas.

Hill said, “If you look through virtually every property, in one way, shape or form, they’re tying into the Taylor Swift thing.”

“That can be T-shirts or her favorite wine some place that they’re serving or a menu at a restaurant with food that [is] themed after her,” he explained.

“She’s got … several numbers that she’s known for,” continued Hill.

“So, people are tying in to those numbers. All of those types of hooks … you can find them all over the city at this point. And people are just getting more and more creative as he weeks go on here,” revealed the CEO.

“You have Taylor Swift bringing kind of a lift even to that. Which is a hard thing to do. It is a remarkable phenomenon. But it’s a phenomenon, and it activates a much broader group of people,” said Hill.

Swift’s influence extends beyond the NFL, as her past performances in the city have proven to be highly successful, elevating the city’s profile and creating a memorable experience for visitors.

“There’s just nobody out there like that right now,” highlighted Hill.

“And the tide in the NFL and the tide of Vegas, [Taylor] just lifts the profile – frankly, makes it more fun too. It makes it really memorable,” he concluded.

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