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Joe Biden Faces Progressive Reckoning On Failed Senate Border Deal

via CBS
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President Biden’s support for the failed bipartisan border deal has further strained his relationship with the progressive Left.

His declining poll numbers and progressive opposition due to various issues, including the border compromise and support for Israel’s war in Gaza, are impacting his standing.

“There are some good provisions in the bill,” CHC Chairwoman Nanette Barragan said.

“However, there are many more that are not in line with our values, take away due process safeguards in our asylum system, could make matters worse at the southern border, and, more importantly, fail to include protections and legal pathways for our ‘Dreamers’ or the greater undocumented community that calls America home.”

The bill’s release led to outrage from Hispanic Democrats and immigrant rights groups.

“Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus were told we would have an opportunity to provide meaningful input before the deal was consummated, but Senate leadership has brazenly reneged on their commitment,” Sen. Bob Menendez said. “They expect us to fall in line on a deal that directly impacts millions within our communities and will forever reshape America’s immigration system.”

“Could you imagine a voting rights deal coming together without start-to-finish input from the Congressional Black Caucus? Unimaginable!” he said. “An immigration deal without any input from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and immigration advocates should be equally unimaginable. Yet here we are.”

Biden acknowledged the bill’s shortcomings but remained committed to it, urging Republicans to pass it even after they walked away.

“Now, it doesn’t address everything I’d like — that I wanted,” Biden said. “But the reforms in this bill are essential for making our border more orderly, more humane, and more secure.”

“He will have to work hard, but since it’s going to be him versus Donald Trump, the choice is so stark, and the risk to the future of progressives is so grave,” Sen. Ed Markey said. “So I have no doubt that ultimately, it will turn out to be an overwhelming landslide for Joe Biden against Donald Trump in the general election.”

The bill faced opposition from both Democrats and Republicans, with over half of GOP senators intending to oppose it.

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