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‘I’m Sorry’: Biden Apologizes After Appearing To Forget Name of Hamas During Speech

via CNN
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President Joe Biden stumbled over naming Hamas during a speech urging Congress to pass a border security and foreign aid bill.

He criticized former President Donald Trump for opposition to the $118.3 billion deal and discussed the Middle East situation and hostage negotiations.

“This indirectly has a lot to do with the hostage deal and what’s going on in the Middle East — the decision on what we do relative to Israel, the decision what we do or in terms of American funding of whether we’re going to engage with the situation in Ukraine,” Biden said.

“There is some movement, and I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, let me choose my words — there’s some movement. There’s been a response from the, uh, there’s been a response from the opposition, but um,” he said.

“Hamas?” one reporter said.

“Yes, I’m sorry — from Hamas,” Biden said. “But it seems to be a little over the top. We’re not sure where it is. There’s a continuing negotiation right now.”

Biden’s verbal slip-up was seized upon by opponents, raising concerns about his mental fitness and ability to serve a second term.

“Lights are on but no one is home,” Trump’s campaign posted on X.

A majority of voters, including 54% of his Democratic base, have concerns about Biden’s age and health as he moves into his reelection campaign.

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