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Elon Musk Aligns with WEF, Calls for Carbon Tax

via Matt Pocius on Tesla Stock & Money
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Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and owner of X/Twitter, has reiterated his support for carbon taxes, aligning with the World Economic Forum’s call for a globally coordinated system of carbon taxes.

This position has sparked criticism from conservatives, particularly due to the potential benefits such taxes could bring to Tesla.

Musk has previously discussed the implementation of a carbon tax with the Biden administration, emphasizing the importance of pricing carbon-generated products and noting that SpaceX would also pay a carbon tax.

“There is no realistic solution to the climate transition that does not involve a globally coordinated system of carbon taxes,” Mohammed Al-Jadaan said.

“What we need is a system of carbon taxes coupled with subsidies for developing households and a stream of funding for the developing world, to allow them to engage in investments and mitigations and adaption that allows them to keep growing. And that’s a real opportunity,” Al-Jadaan added.

“It’s a fair solution and it’s the only realistic solution, and we can’t keep ducking it,” he said.

“The only action needed to solve climate change is is a carbon tax,” Musk said.

“I talked to the Biden Administration, incoming administration, and they were like ‘well, this seems too politically difficult,’” he said previously.

“It’s not like we shouldn’t have carbon-generated things, there should be a price on this stuff,” he added. “The economy works great. Prices and money are just information. If the price is wrong, the economy doesn’t do the right thing.”

Critics have highlighted the significant benefits Musk and Tesla have received from green energy taxes and government subsidies, raising concerns about the potential advantages for his ventures.

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