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Caitlyn Jenner Calls Lia Thomas A ‘Narcissist’ Looking For Publicity

via This Morning
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Caitlyn Jenner criticized Lia Thomas, a transgender woman, calling her a “narcissist” and alleging that she is seeking publicity by challenging a ruling that prevents transgender athletes from competing in female swimming events.

Jenner suggested that Thomas gained attention only after beating a prominent swimmer and is now seeking more publicity.

“Well, for the last six, nine months, I really haven’t heard much about her ever since the Olympic Committee came out and basically said, ‘You’re not eligible,’” Jenner said. “Now she’s trying to fight that, and I think she’s doing it for the publicity. I don’t know any other reason why she should, I mean, why she would.”

“Lia Thomas coming back, honestly, I think she’s a narcissist. I think she just wants the publicity,” Jenner added. “I think she was virtually a nobody.”

“Nobody knew of her until she was beating your butt and got into women’s swimming,” Jenner said. “Then all of a sudden she was on the covers of magazines, and she’s just living up all the pressure. She’s getting clicks all over the place. She’s getting followers all over the place to see what this story is.”

Jenner also mentioned the lack of transgender athletes in the new “Open Category” for transgender women in swimming contests and emphasized the scarcity of transgender athletes in sports overall.

“You couldn’t make up a football team out of all the trans people that are in sports,” Jenner said. “It’s just not going to happen.”

Jenner spoke about the political action committee, “Fairness First,” which aims to address gender ideology and advocate for parental rights in education, as well as to exclude boys from women’s sports.

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