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Joe Biden Wears Ukraine Tie and Pin While Selling $118B Border Bill

via Bloomberg
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President Biden emphasized the urgency of providing aid to Ukraine, urging Congress to pass an $118 billion border security bill, with $60 billion allocated for Ukraine.

He highlighted the need for support to counter the Russian invasion, warning that delays in aid would weaken Ukraine’s defense.

“I’m wearing my Ukraine tie and Ukraine pin — which I’ve been wearing because they’re in dire straits right now defending themselves against the Russian onslaught,” Biden said.

Biden framed supporting the bill as standing up to Putin and criticized “MAGA Republicans” for their opposition, linking it to America’s credibility and global power.

“A clock is ticking. Every week, every month that passes without new aid Ukraine means fewer artillery shells, fewer defense air defense systems, fewer tools for Ukraine to defend itself against this Russian onslaught. Just what Putin wants. Ukrainians are fighting bravely.”

Backing the bill is “standing up to Putin,” and to oppose it is “playing into his hands,” Biden said.

“The position of the MAGA Republicans can be characterized by the New York Times headline…’Trump first, Putin second, America third.’ That cannot pertain,” he said.

“It all goes to the question of American power. And all goes to, does America keep his word, does America move forward?” he said.

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