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How Elon Musk’s Twitter Ultimatum Brought Employees to Their Breaking Point

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Randall Lin, an employee at Twitter, witnessed a shift in company culture after Elon Musk’s ultimatum to embrace a more hardcore, engineering-focused approach.

As employees faced the decision to sign Musk’s email, tensions rose, leading to a significant number leaving the company.

Musk then summoned remaining software writers for interviews, causing disruption and uncertainty.

“Anyone who actually writes software, please report to the 10th floor at 2 pm today,” Musk wrote in an email.

“If you’re working remotely, please email the request below nonetheless and I will try to speak to you via video. Only those who cannot physically get to Twitter HQ or have a family emergency are excused. These will be short, technical interviews that allow me to better understand the Twitter tech stack,” he later added.

“If possible, I would appreciate it if you could fly to SF to be present in person. I will be at Twitter HQ until midnight and then back again tomorrow morning,” the third email read.

Lin, feeling the pressure, rushed back to San Francisco, highlighting the intense atmosphere at Twitter under Musk’s leadership.

“He’s demanding we drop everything and just fly to San Francisco?” one employee said to Lin.

“He’s not demanding. This is an opportunity,” Lin said. “If you care, you’ll be there.”

“It was exciting,” Lin said of his arrival.

“With Elon, you just have to know that no matter how good things are going, every day could be your last,” an engineer told Lin.

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