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Chris Pratt’s Hilarious Mishap: How Pranking His Wife Backfired with an ‘Uno Reverse’

via The Graham Norton Show
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Chris Pratt attempted to prank his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, by misspelling her label maker, but it backfired when she immediately noticed the mistake.

Pratt said, “As a prank, I decided to ‘label’ her label maker.”

“I waited in the wings for her to notice so I could pounce out like a cat, ‘Ha! Got you!’” he continued.

“She immediately pointed out that I misspelled ‘label maker,’” he recalled.

“So, there you go. I Uno Reversed myself,” he lamented.

This led to humorous responses on social media.

“‘Lable’ Hmm, must be French,” commented one user.

“Next time maybe go with Patti Labelle Maker?” asked another

Pratt also announced the production of a prequel to “The Terminal List” called “The Terminal List: Dark Wolf,” which will feature him and Taylor Kitsch.

The first season of the show was successful, despite some criticism.

Pratt was previously married to Anna Farris and is now married to Schwarzenegger, with whom he has two daughters.


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