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Tragedy in Kansas City: Chiefs Fan Overdose Raises Concerns

via CBS New York
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Three Kansas City Chiefs fans were found dead, and initial toxicology reports revealed cocaine, THC, and three times the lethal amount of fentanyl in their systems.

The families of the deceased confirmed the presence of these substances.

NewsNation’s Alex Caprariello psoted, “A family member, who asked to remain anonymous, tells me cocaine, fentanyl, and THC showed up in the preliminary results.”

“The family source says level 10 fentanyl is enough to kill. The #KansasCity3 were at level 30,” he continued.

Caprariello confirmed it was “backed up and confirmed by a second, separate family source.”

Kansas City police said, “There have been no additional details of this case revealed to any media, nor are there any plans to at this time. The case remains an ongoing death investigation.”

While drug use is suspected in their deaths, police are not investigating it as a homicide.

However, some relatives believe foul play was involved, pointing fingers at a friend who was present at the time.

Tony Kagay, the attorney for McGeeney’s family, said, “I don’t think that anyone familiar with this situation or this investigation thought that there wasn’t something else in play here and I think that the toxicology report is going to be the first step on many steps in the investigation as to who is responsible for these men’s tragic deaths.”

“If fentanyl was involved, which I don’t know at this point, then obviously … it’s a scourge, and it turns recreational drug use into a lethal situation,” he continued.

Harrington’s dad, Jon, said, “[Harrington’s mother] and I are both convinced that Jordan Willis played a part in this somehow.”

“There were four of you in the house and now three of them are dead and you’re not. That doesn’t add up,” he continued.

Autopsies are pending to determine the cause of death.

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