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Tim Scott Responds To Trump Considering Him For Vice President

via CNN
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Republican Sen. Tim Scott has responded to Donald Trump’s consideration of him as a vice presidential running mate, emphasizing that his priority is ensuring the former president beats Joe Biden.

Trump revealed that he is considering Scott and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, while outlining his criteria for a running mate.

He stated that he likely won’t announce a vice presidential pick “for a little while” and praised both Scott and Noem.

“The only thing I can tell you is that the one thing we need is four more years of President Donald Trump,” Scott said.

“We were better off under Trump. In order for us to be successful, the one thing I can’t afford to do is take my eye off the ball. The eye on the ball means making sure that President Trump gets four more years,” he added.

“What criteria are you using to identify who your running mate is?” Maria Bartiromo asked.

“Always, it’s got to be who is going to be a good president. Obviously, you always have to think that because in case of emergency. Things happen, right? No matter who you are, things happen. That’s got to be No. 1,” Trump said.

“Who is your running mate?” Bartiromo asked.

“Well, I have a lot of good people. I have a lot of good ideas,” he said, noting that he “talks to everybody.”

“You know, I called [South Carolina Sen.] Tim Scott and people like Tim Scott, and I said you’re a much better candidate for me than you are for yourself,” Trump said. “When I watched him, he was fine. He was good, but he was very low-key.”

“I watched him in the last week, defending me and sticking up for me and fighting for me. I said, ‘Man, you’re a much better person for me than you are for yourself,'” he said.

Trump also denied reports that his campaign reached out to independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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