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Rand Paul: I’m a ‘No’ on the ‘Anti-American’ Border Bill

via CBS
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Sen. Rand Paul criticized the “anti-American” pro-migration bill, calling it a “squandering of money” and emphasizing his strong opposition.

Sen. Rand Paul said, “Amazing. This predictable revelation is only a week old and yet the Swamp’s new ‘border security’ bill gives Ukraine $60 billion more.”

“From the squandering of your money to the fake border reforms, it’s safe to declare this bill as anti-American. I’m a NO,” he continued.

The bill, formally titled the “Emergency National Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2024,” has faced backlash from Republican lawmakers, including concerns about granting amnesty to illegal aliens and providing significantly more funding to Ukraine than to the U.S. border wall.

Sen. Steve Daines and Sen. Mike Lee also expressed their opposition, with House Speaker Mike Johnson stating that the bill would be “dead on arrival” if it reaches the House.

Sen. Steve Daines said, he “can’t support a bill that doesn’t secure the border, provides taxpayer funded lawyers to illegal immigrants and gives billions to radical open borders groups.”

Sen. Mike Lee said, “Senate GOP leadership screwed this up—and screwed us.”

“Even while refusing to let us see the bill they claimed to be negotiating on our behalf—for MONTHS—they were never in doubt, insisting we’d be dumb and even unpatriotic NOT to support it,” he continued.

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