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Pro-Lifer Facing Over A Decade In Prison Says He’s Ready To Go ‘Head-To-Head’ With Biden Admin

via CBS
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Paul Vaughn, facing over a decade in prison over a peaceful protest, expressed readiness to confront the Biden administration after being convicted of charges related to the FACE Act.

Vaughn accused the Justice Department of intimidation but stated that the ordeal had strengthened his resolve and faith.

Charges stemmed from a protest outside an abortion provider, with Vaughn acting as a messenger between pro-lifers and police negotiator Travis Watkins.

“I’d say that I was marginally on the sidelines,” Vaughn said.

“We were doing a little bit of sidewalk counseling, we weren’t trying to do some national event, we weren’t trying to be a big name, we’re just trying to be Christians and just going out and helping a person here and helping a person there, just live our life in such ways to honor God.”

“But if anything, what this has done is I’m ready to start a national organization, I’m ready to go head-to-head with these people. If they want to bring me into the fight, they should have thought before they swung because God is big and he is powerful,” he added.

Vaughn and his lawyer argued that his actions were within the bounds of the law and criticized the administration for targeting pro-lifers while ignoring attacks on churches and pregnancy resource centers.

They also support efforts to repeal the FACE Act, with plans to file an appeal and belief in a bigger plan for the case.

“I don’t think the FBI or the DOJ has any stomach to look who did those things if they’re pro-aborts,” Vaughn’s lawyer Steve Crampton said.

“I think it’s unconstitutional as it stands. We made those arguments, in this case the court chose not to accept them, but we believe we’re going to win, either in court or in Congress, one way or the other. The FACE Act needs to go,” Crampton said.

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