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Prince Philip’s Spiteful 3-Letter Nickname for Meghan Markle Revealed

via The Royal Family Channel
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A new book suggests that Prince Philip had doubts about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, from the start, seeing similarities between her and Wallis Simpson.

This comparison led him to refer to Meghan as “DoW”, in reference to the Duchess of Windsor.

Ingrid Seward wrote in her book, “My Mother and I”, “One of the few wary of succumbing to her charm offensive, however, was Prince Philip. While the Queen continued to champion Harry’s new love, he warned his wife to be cautious. It was uncanny, he told her, how much Meghan reminded him of the Duchess of Windsor.”

“As for Prince Philip, he never appeared to change his mind about Meghan. From the moment he detected her apparent similarity to Wallis, he referred to her as DoW (short for Duchess of Windsor),” she continued.

The book also explores how the Queen and other members of the royal family viewed Meghan, with the Queen expressing concerns about Meghan’s wedding gown and drawing parallels between Meghan and Wallis Simpson.

Seward wrote in her previous book, “Prince Philip Revealed”, “For Philip, whose entire existence has been based on a devotion to duty, it appeared that his grandson had abdicated his for the sake of his marriage to an American divorcee in much the same way as Edward VIII gave up his crown to marry Wallis Simpson in 1936.”

Seward wrote that the marriage “caused a permanent rift in the royal family: the new King George VI refused to receive her and denied her the appellation of Her Royal Highness. For her part, the American duchess openly mocked the Queen (later Queen Mother) as ‘the fat Scotch cook.’”

“The Queen Mother later blamed the couple for her husband’s early death — caused, she felt, by the stress of taking on the role of King, for which he had been both unprepared and temperamentally unsuited. She never forgave the Duchess, whom she cast as a wicked enchantress,” she explained.

Seward claimed the queen “was perfectly aware what Philip meant when he drew parallels between Meghan and Wallis. Indeed, much later, she would remark in her clipped way that perhaps Harry had been ‘too in love’ with the American actress.”

“In the monarch’s view, it was not appropriate for a divorcee getting remarried in church to look quite so flamboyantly virginal,” wrote Seward.

“Whether she ever came to view Meghan as a 21st century Wallis Simpson will probably never be known. It may have crossed her mind, however, that Philip wasn’t that far off the mark,” added Seward.

The book speculates on whether the Queen ever came to view Meghan as a 21st-century Wallis Simpson.

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