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Ex-College Women’s Coach Unleashes on Sport Allowing Biological Males to Compete

via New York Post
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Former Oberlin College women’s lacrosse coach Kim Russell believes biological males should not compete in women’s sports, sparking controversy after expressing her views on transgender athletes.

Despite backlash from her employer, Russell stood by her stance, leading to her reassignment and subsequent resignation.

Oberlin College defended its commitment to diverse opinions but cited a breach of trust as the reason for Russell’s removal from coaching duties.

“A natural-born male should not be competing with biological females,” Russell said. “There are too many biological and physical advantages for biological males.”

“It’s already been proven when you look at all the sports where it’s happening. The males are winning,” Russell said.

“I don’t blame or hold anything against any of the students who spoke out and who were angry, because I believe that’s the way society is right now,” Russell said. “That’s what they know. And nobody is taught anymore to have real conversations where it’s listening — to try and understand the other.”

“Unfortunately, you fall into a category of people that are kind of filled with hate in the world,” Associate Vice President of Athletics Natalie Winkelfoos said to Russell.

“She really cared about the player as a whole,” Oberlin player Katie McMorris said. “If you were behind in school, you could take off practices without any repercussions, even midseason. I think that’s one thing that really sets her apart. Kim and the assistant coach would allow you to take the day off for a mental health day, also without any repercussions.”

“So, apparently, I was good enough to keep coaching for the rest of the season, but then they gave me the letter saying I had to change my behavior immediately,” Russell said.

“She sensationalized a series of events that were more than a year in the past, violating her players’ trust in an irreparable way,” Oberlin spokeswoman Andrea Simakis said. “This breach of trust is the reason she was removed from her coaching duties.”

“Oberlin strives to be a community where people can hold different opinions, and are free to share them in ways that are collegial and constructive… It is regrettable that Kim was unable to find a path to this kind of dialogue,” Simakis added.

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