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Democrat Governor Calls On Biden To Close Border, Still Manages To Blame Republicans

via Connecticut Public
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Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont offered President Biden support from the state’s national guard to secure the southern border, but Biden rejected the offer, instead shifting blame for the surge in illegal immigration to House Republicans.

Lamont emphasized the impact of the immigration crisis on his state and called for bipartisan action to secure the border.

He also urged President Biden to close the border and criticized House Republicans for not addressing the issue urgently.

“What do you think of the immigration problem in America, and do you think that blue states, which, for so long, thought this was a not in my backyard issue, now it is?” Andrew Ross Sorkin asked.

“It’s in all of our backyards. Governor Scott from Vermont and myself just wrote a letter together, two states that you don’t think are on the frontlines of immigration, it’s hitting us. I see what it’s doing to the country,” Lamont said. “They’ve got to secure the border. I tell President Biden, we’ll send the Connecticut Guard down to help you if that’s what you need to get it done.”

“And what does he tell you back?” Sorkin asked.

“We’re trying to get this bipartisan compromise. You know Congress. Things take a long time. They’ve got to get it done,” Lamont said.

“Look, I call the Republicans bluff. You know, they’re saying, President Biden, you’re not willing to close the border? Give me the tools to do it and I will do it. I can’t figure out why they’re pulling back now, saying it’s not that much of an emergency, we’ll wait till after the next election. I think that’s the wrong move. Let’s make the deal,” Lamont said.

Meanwhile, President Biden and his Democrat allies have sought to shift blame to House Republicans for the surge in illegal immigration, urging them to pass the Senate’s border “deal.”

House Republicans have rejected this framing and called on Biden to take executive action to close the border.

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