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Some Republicans Say They Won’t Vote For Trump. Here Are The Options They’re Considering

via Forbes Breaking News
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Some Republican women and voters are expressing disillusionment with Donald Trump’s increasing dominance in the GOP and are considering voting for incumbent President Joe Biden or not voting at all.

They feel Trump’s behavior and criminal allegations make him unworthy of being president again, and some believe he doesn’t represent true conservative values.

Trump’s early party dominance has led to concerns about his ability to win over moderate conservatives and independents, and some voters are considering voting for third-party candidates.

“This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for every American,” Republican voter Becky Edwards said. “Trump is the emperor with no clothes, the Republican with no clothes.”

“Frankly, we deserve better.”

“To see people just ignore that for policies, and then ignore policies because they’ve decided he’s a candidate they are going to support?” Edwards said. “It’s extremely disappointing. It just shows a real lack of backbone.”

“I will not vote for Trump and I will not vote for a Republican unwilling to denounce Trump,” Jennifer Horn said. “He is a grotesque, narcissistic, emotionally ill criminal who has already made it clear he is willing to toss aside the Constitution and incite an insurrection. That goes completely against everything I used to believe the Republican Party was about.”

“Trump can’t win by losing that many Republicans,” Horn said.

Despite this, statistics from past elections suggest that anti-Trump Republicans may still end up voting for Trump.

“It’s never been more clear: The stronger President Trump gets, the more desperate and deranged the Fake News becomes,” Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said.

“Right now, the only thing that matters is that America continues to exist in some form of democracy for generations. And that won’t happen with a guy who says he’ll be a dictator on Day 1,” Horn said. “Joe Biden is not my first choice for anything. But he’s my choice when it comes to Donald Trump.”

“She is our only hope against this, and that’s where I’m focusing my energies,” Edwards said. “We’re expecting Nikki Haley to do something that very, very few people in elected in office have done ‒ and we’ve seen what happens when they’ve done it.”

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