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NYC Mayor Admits It’s Time To Deport Migrants Commiting Crimes In His City

via Eyewitness News ABC7NY
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New York City Mayor Eric Adams reacted to the attack on two police officers, expressing the need to reexamine laws preventing the deportation of migrants engaged in violent acts.

He emphasized the importance of distinguishing between migrants seeking the American Dream and those breaking the law, calling for a balance in addressing the issue.

Adams also criticized the national government for placing the responsibility on big cities and highlighted the majority of migrants and asylum seekers waiting for work authorization or determination.

“[W]hat should New Yorkers make of the fact that most of the people involved in this attack are migrants?” Kori Chambers asked.

“Well, listen, I’ve been saying this over and over again, the national government must do its job. This is not a responsibility that should be placed in the lap of all of these big cities,” Adams said.

“We’re seeing what’s taking place in Chicago and Denver and Boston. All across our country, big cities are having to do the national government’s job. And those migrants who are here because they want to be part of the American Dream, that’s — we say yes to that,” he said.

“But those who are breaking our laws, we need to reexamine the laws that don’t allow us to deport them, because they’re doing violent acts. We cannot create an atmosphere where you’re going to bring violence into our city. But the overwhelming number of migrants and asylum seekers are waiting to have work authorization or their determination, and we need to be clear on that.”

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