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Joy Behar’s Blame Game: Obama Responsible for Trump, Charlie Chaplin for Hitler

via The View
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During a segment on “The View,” Joy Behar suggested that mocking certain individuals, like Barack Obama’s joke about Donald Trump, could lead them to seek power in retaliation.

She compared this to Charlie Chaplin’s mockery of Hitler and the subsequent rise of the Nazi dictator.

The co-hosts discussed the impact of humor on Trump and the potential consequences of making jokes about him.

“He is probably the most dangerous,” Behar said.

“So you have somebody like – and he doesn’t have a good sense of humor — we all know that at the correspondents’ dinner, when President Obama made a joke about him, his skin is thinner than his hair, and he got so pissed off that he had to run for president and go after poor Obama, who was running this country. He’s a menace. So … I present that to the panel: what are you supposed to do?”

Sara Haines jumped in, noting that comedy was something people should enjoy when politics cause stress.

“Sara, that is true. That’s what I’m trying to say here,” Behar said. “But the man doesn’t take it —”

“Doesn’t it make it more funny?” Sunny Hostin asked.

Behar expressed concern that Trump’s anger could lead to drastic actions, emphasizing the need for people to find humor despite the political divide.

“They made fun of Hitler, Charlie Chaplin made fun of Hitler in 1940,” Behar said, adding, “By 1945 millions and millions of people were dead!”

“The audience needs to laugh. The people need to laugh,” Haines said. “I don’t care, I’m not checking on Trump.”

“But it makes him so angry I don’t know what he’s going to do next,” Behar said. “You can make a joke about him, and he’ll annihilate the whole world.”

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