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Europe on Edge: Nearly Half of Germans Fear Russian Attack Lurking at the Doorstep

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A recent survey revealed that nearly half of Germans are fearful of a potential attack from Russia, with concerns heightened amid warnings of a Ukraine proxy war escalating into a broader conflict.

The survey, conducted for the BILD tabloid, found that left-wing party supporters were the most concerned, while populist party supporters were less likely to believe in a Russian attack.

Furthermore, 39% of Germans have begun stockpiling emergency supplies, and there are concerns about the lack of operational air raid shelters, despite warnings from political and military figures in NATO about the possibility of war.

“There could be war in Sweden,” Swedish Civil Defence Minister Carl-Oskar Bohlin said.

“NATO Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank said that the alliance has lost the credibility to deter strikes against member states since the end of the Cold War. He went on to warn that Europe should begin preparing for missile and drone strikes on major cities as well as attacks on critical infrastructure,” one report noted.

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