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CBS Reports Military ‘Perplexed’ by How Much Biden ‘Telegraphed’ Strikes, Gives Terrorists Time to Hide

via ABC
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The U.S. military expressed perplexity at the Biden administration’s communication of planned strikes in response to a fatal drone attack, as it allowed militia leaders and Iranian operatives in Iraq and Syria time to evade the strikes.

However, further strikes are planned, and if the recent strikes were successful, the Iranian-backed militias may have limited capacity to resume attacks once they emerge from hiding.

The military believes that despite the initial warning, the strikes may have hindered the militias’ ability to carry out future attacks.

“So, just about that, the president essentially telegraphed that some of these strikes would be coming. Did that impact their effectiveness?” Norah O’Donnell asked.

“Well, the military was perplexed by the degree to which the administration telegraphed these strikes, because it gave the militia leaders and Iranian operatives in Iraq and Syria time to either get out of the country or go to ground by surrounding themselves with women and children,” CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin said.

“But if the militias intend to resume their strikes against American troops, sooner or later, they have to come out of hiding. And if tonight’s strikes were successful, when they come out of hiding, they won’t have much to work with,” he said.

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