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Radical Leftists Threaten to ‘Bird Dog’ Conservatives at Home, Church

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Radical leftists staged a rally near the Capitol targeting the Heritage Foundation, which is working on “Project 2025” to staff a potential Republican administration and counter left-wing influence.

The activists threatened Heritage Foundation staffers and launched a non-profit called “Stop The Coup 2025” aimed at preventing Trump’s re-election.

The coalition includes radical groups and uses inflammatory language to oppose Project 2025.

Researcher Jessico Bowman highlighted the left’s efforts to obstruct Trump’s presidency and influence the Democrat messaging through a network like Democracy Alliance.

Jessico Bowman wrote, The “Stop The Coup 2025″ coalition is only one part of a vast and well-funded network of radical far-left organizations who have worked since Hillary Clinton’s failed bid for the White House in 2016 to stymie Trump’s presidency.”

She continued, “The radical left is putting on full display their anxiety for a Trump victory in 2024. Significant effort is being placed on building out and organizing for a revamp of the ‘Stop the Coup’ and ‘Resistance Movements’ for an anticipated 2025 inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 47th President.”

Bowman added, “The Heritage Foundation’s ‘Project 2025’ has the radical left even more freaked out than the realization that Hillary Clinton was not elected President in 2016 and that Donald Trump was the 45th President. The left’s brazen coordination and language threatening supporters of Donald Trump and their hate for a presidential candidate should concern all Americans.”

The network, led by “Indivisible” and backed by billionaires, aims to push a leftist agenda in politics.

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