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Lawsuit Claims Trans-Identifying Man Could Make History as First Male President of National Sorority

via FOX 11 Los Angeles
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A lawsuit has been filed by Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) alumnae over the sorority’s acceptance and enforcement of men who identify as women.

The lawsuit reveals that a man, Tracy Nadzieja, is being considered for a leadership position, potentially as the president of KKG.

According to the lawsuit, “The Candidate has currently applied for, and is being considered for, a position in leadership to be voted on through an on-line election in April 2024.”

“This position could include being elected to Fraternity Council or even president of KKG. Most members remain unaware that the Candidate is a man,” the filing continues.

Nadzieja said, “I just have to face it and if that means that I get kicked out of my house, that my marriage is over, that I won’t have a relationship with my kids, I would rather have an authentic life despite losing everything that I had worked for for my whole life.”

The lawsuit alleges the “Fraternity Council intentionally concealed this fact from members to ensure the Candidate was elected.”

Nadzieja, the first male member of the sorority, has faced controversy over his admission and subsequent fast-tracking to a leadership position.

The lawsuit accuses KKG of violating its bylaws and engaging in deceptive practices.

The legal action is supported by alumnae who have been expelled for speaking out against the admission of males, and it highlights the organization’s departure from its historical promotion of women and high standards.

KKG alumnae Patsy Levang said, “The current leadership in Kappa has deliberately engaged in a campaign to undermine the Bylaws of Kappa which harms not only these young women, but the entire organization.”

“I’m not surprised that they also disregarded the value of lifetime membership and my 56 years of dedication by sending me a removal letter,” she continued.

KKG alumnae Cheryl Tuck-Smith said, “It is incomprehensible that current leadership would discard that success by prioritizing men over women.”

“Kappa must remain true to its existing mission, to support and promote women,” she continued.

The lawsuit also addresses the controversy surrounding the admission of another male member, Artemis (formerly Dallin) Langford, and the subsequent legal challenges.

The Independent Women’s Law Center’s attorney, May Mailman said, “Kappa leadership continues to disrespect its members not only by denying them the single-sex organization they were promised, but by lashing out in hopes of silencing the truth.”

Nadzieja concluded, “It doesn’t make a difference what age you are, we all can learn and progress and advance as leaders and be able to take that back home.”

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