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Michigan Arabs and Muslim Community Work To Beat Biden In 2024 Race: Biden ‘Thinks We’re Bluffing’

via Washington Post
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Arab and Muslim communities in Michigan are expressing discontent with President Biden’s stance on the Gaza conflict and are considering withholding their support in the upcoming election.

Leaders and community members have criticized Biden’s response to the violence, with some polls showing a significant drop in support among Arab Americans.

The community is calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and seeking a more empathetic approach from the president.

“If the president wants to start that process, it’s only feasible through a cease-fire [in Gaza],” Rep. Alabas Farhat said. “That’s the only way you can even restart the conversation.”

“And then your president wants to come to your community and make sure that you’re still going to vote with him and vote for him in November,” Imam Omar Sulemain said. “I hope you’ve sent him the right message.”

“For decades, we’ve squandered the power that we have here because [Democrats] were stringing us along, saying, ‘Vote for me, we’re not the other guy,’” Michigan State University assistant professor Shireen Al-Adeimi said. “This is such a dangerous time that we’re finally willing to use that card, and [Biden] thinks we’re bluffing.”

“That gives us power to say we don’t have to be afraid anymore to express our views and our ideas about this,” she said.

“President Biden knows the importance of earning the trust of every community, of upholding the sacred dignity and rights of all Americans,” Biden campaign spokesman Ammar Moussa stated.

“President Biden is working closely and proudly with leaders in the Muslim, Arab American and Palestinian communities in America, to listen to them about a wide range of issues, stand up for them, and fight back against hate. President Biden has also expressed deep concern about the deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. He has urged Israel to do everything possible to avoid civilian casualties. He has also successfully pressed for humanitarian aid to be delivered in Gaza.”

Despite Biden’s efforts to engage with these communities, many are disillusioned and considering denying him their vote in the next election.

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