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ABC’s Hostin: Voters Who Felt Threatened by Obama Made Trump Their ‘Messiah’

via The View
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The discussion on “The View” highlighted the idea that some voters felt threatened by the election of Barack Obama, leading them to view Donald Trump as their “messiah.”

Nikki Haley, appearing on “The Breakfast Club,” suggested that Obama’s presidency heightened division, with Charlamagne tha God attributing it to white supremacy.

Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar emphasized that a diverse group of voters felt otherized and threatened by Obama’s election, leading them to support Trump.

“Republican Nikki Haley made a campaign stop on ‘The Breakfast Club’ show, where she shared her thoughts on some issues the country is facing right now. Take a look,” Whoopi Goldberg said.

“With Obama, that was if you go back, that’s when we really started to feel the division. That’s when it was,” Haley said.

“That was due to white supremacy,” Charlamagne tha God said.

“I think it was everything. It was edge-exaggerated and became more about gender and race. You just felt people felt like they were being put in camps through that administration,” Haley said.

“She’s saying this to attract a certain voter. In terms of the Obama years leading to divisiveness, I think Van Jones said it appropriately, he said that that was the Trump vote was a whitelash a response to a black president and seeing a black man being the most powerful person on earth,” Hostin said.

“Two times by the way,” Joy Behar jumped in.

“I think it was a certain group of voters that were afraid that was a very diverse vote, white people, black people, Spanish people, Asian people, everyone voted for a black man were unassailable character and I think in response to that they felt, they felt otherized and threatened and decided Trump was their messiah,” Hostin said.

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