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59 Democrats Vote With Republicans Passing Bill To Deport Illegal Immigrants Who Committed DUIs

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House Democrats and Republicans passed a bill to deport illegal immigrants caught driving under the influence, with 59 Democrats joining the GOP in favor.

The bill aims to make those charged with DUI and residing illegally in the U.S. automatically eligible for deportation.

This move comes in the midst of a broader debate on immigration and border security, with Republicans emphasizing the urgency of the issue and President Biden pledging to address border concerns.

“In the United States, someone dies in a crash with an impaired driver every 45 minutes. I lost two of my young newlywed constituents to an illegal immigrant driving under the influence of alcohol,” Rep. Barry Moore said.

“They don’t want to solve the problem, they want to keep the problem going as a campaign issue,” Rep. Jerry Nadler said. “So don’t come up here and talk about the problems on the southern border if you won’t give the president any means to deal with it.”

“They made it a campaign issue when Biden came in on day one.”

“Biden has every tool in the tool box to shut the southern border down… we don’t need more money, we need to apply the laws that are on the books,” Moore said.

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