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‘Squad’ Member Cori Bush Under Criminal Investigation by DOJ

via Politico
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Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), a member of the “Squad” in Congress, is under investigation by the Department of Justice for allegedly misusing government funds meant for private security.

The DOJ is conducting a criminal probe into Bush, and the House Sergeant at Arms has been subpoenaed for records related to the misuse of federal security money.

The investigation follows a previous case where a House Democrat was investigated for misusing campaign funds for private security.

“I want to start with the fact that the Independent Congressional Ethics Office cleared this matter. How did it then proceed to an investigation by the DOJ?” Joy Reid asked.

“So, what happened was, there is someone who made a complaint. They sent the complaint, I believe, to the FEC which that moves really slowly, is what I hear. And so, because, you know, nothing had happened, they didn’t see any movement, they decided, there are articles about it, they decided, ‘Hey, I want the DOJ, I want House ethics, I want all of these different entities to investigate now.’ So they did at one time, just asked all of these different entities to investigate,” Bush said.

“She doesn’t even support the police. But the idea to pay her thug money to try to help protect her for? What if she wouldn’t be so loud all the time maybe she wouldn’t be getting threats,” Rep. Troy Nehls said.

“Are you saying she deserves threats?” one reporter asked.

“No, what I’m saying is is that when you are out there talking the way she does, I’m surprised that people are probably pretty upset because she’s a pretty radical person. And maybe should donate down a little bit,” Nehls said.

“And I will just let you respond,” Reid said.

Bush condemned his comments, emphasizing that she was advocating for her community and that Nehls’ remarks reflected racism in Congress.

“Absolutely ignorant, anti black, racist and sexist tropes by a sitting member of Congress who was a colleague I had never even met. For him to spew something so disgusting, to call my husband my thug? What qualifies him as a thug? What does he know about him to call him a thug? That is a dog whistle,” Bush said.

“Also to tell me that I am being too loud? I’m advocating for St. Louis. I’m being too loud? How about if you could fix the issues of St. Louis I wouldn’t have to talk about it. I wouldn’t have to fuss about it. But yes, I’m going to be loud. That’s okay if i want to be loud, if I want to be quiet, that’s my prerogative. He, you know, him putting his mouth on it just shows his racism at its best in Congress,” Bush added.

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