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One Big Reason Migrants Are Coming in Droves: They Believe They Can Stay

via Global News
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The United States is experiencing a significant shift in immigration patterns, with a diverse range of people seeking entry, driven by factors such as conflict, climate change, and economic hardship.

Many migrants are pursuing asylum as a means to secure their stay, despite the slim chances of success.

The overwhelmed immigration system, lacking necessary personnel and resources, leads to prolonged processing times and allows migrants to build lives in the US while their cases are pending.

“I don’t know anyone who has been deported,” migrant Carolina Ortiz said.

“We do need more boots on the ground. We do need more border infrastructure,” border security expert Michael Neifach said.

“But you can’t fix this by just doing that,” he said. “We need to understand that the border is not the end of it.”

The Biden Administration’s inefficiencies have been largely blamed for the ongoing challenges.

“Politicians want to fund Border Patrol agents, fencing and other visible aspects of border enforcement,” U.S. immigration policy program director Doris Meissner said.

“But until resources are bolstered for other immigration functions, the border problem cannot be solved,” Meissner said.

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