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Devastating impact of Senator Manchin’s possible 3rd party run

via CNN
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Senator Joe Manchin is considering a potential independent presidential run if certain conditions are met.

He sees himself as a national icon representing a “fiscally responsible and socially compassionate” middle ground.

Manchin is discussing the possibility of running with the bipartisan group No Labels, but there is internal turmoil and uncertainty about their path forward.

Meanwhile, there remains tension between Manchin and the Biden administration, and Manchin is hoping to influence Biden’s campaign focus.

No Labels is facing internal disagreements and logistical challenges, including concerns about potential spoilers in the election.

The group’s plans are unclear, and there is ongoing uncertainty about their strategy and decision-making process.

“Eventually this will crystallize into a process,” former Sen. Joe Lieberman said.

“We will talk about the process at an appropriate time,” former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory said.

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