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US Senator Tells Mark Cuban ‘Call Your Lawyer’ After He Appears to Out Himself

via GQ
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Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, faced criticism after espousing the benefits of considering race and gender in hiring decisions.

His comments were rebuked by a federal employment commissioner and a senator.

Cuban’s assertion that he doesn’t hire “exclusively” based on race or gender was met with skepticism.

“I’ve never hired anyone based exclusively on race, gender, religion. I only ever hire the person that will put my business in the best position to succeed,” Cuban wrote.

“And yes, race and gender can be part of the equation. I view diversity as a competitive advantage,” he said.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Commissioner corrected his interpretation of permissible hiring practices.

“@mcuban, EEOC Commissioner here. Unfortunately you’re dead wrong on black-letter Title VII law,” the commissioner wrote.

“As a general rule, race/sex can’t even be a ‘motivating factor’ — nor a plus factor, tie-breaker, or tipping point. It’s important employers understand the ground rules here,” she added.

This led to mockery from social media users and the possibility of legal repercussions.

Cuban’s confidence in his moral position regarding diversity and hiring practices may have led to potential legal issues and a loss of smugness.

“[C]all your lawyer,” Sen. Eric Schmitt commented.

“Hey, @mcuban, it seems you’re in violation of federal law. What now? You racist,” ZNO wrote.

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