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Biden’s Granddaughter Publicly Denounces Jesse Watters’ Remark as ‘Inappropriate’

via FOX
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Naomi Biden criticized Fox News host Jesse Watters for a segment that she felt crossed a line, saying it takes a lot to upset her but this crossed the line.

Watters tied President Biden’s policies on migrant crossings to his parenting, saying Biden can’t say no to his own son.

Hunter Biden has publicly struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse, and Joe Biden has consistently stood by him.

“I have heard so many lies about my family, it takes a lot to make me upset,” Naomi Biden wrote.

“This crosses the line. Not sure how this man can call himself a reporter and I hope he never has a son or daughter who struggles with anything.”

“You can disagree with his policies without being this ugly,” she said.

“I knew Biden was bad on the border because he’s not the best father,” Watters said. “The man can’t say no to his own son. He can’t say ‘stop.’ He can’t have consequences for actions.”

“And that’s what you need, you need a man in charge, on the border, to say ‘this is not going to be allowed,’” he added.

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