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Snopes Accused Of Spinning Fact-Check In Biden’s Favor, Forced To Correct Its Own Story

via ABC
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Snopes initially claimed Joe Biden wasn’t wearing a hard hat backwards in a photo, but after backlash, they reversed their ruling.

The site’s explanation inadvertently confirmed Biden wore the hat incorrectly, leading them to change their rating.

Critics claim the incident has damaged Snopes’ credibility as they attempted to defend Biden, ultimately making them appear “foolish.”

“The photo is genuine. And it does look, at first glance, like Biden was wearing that hard hat backwards. But after comparing it to other photos and videos of the same event, we were forced to reach the opposite conclusion: The hat on Biden’s head was facing forward, bill to the front, not backward,” Snopes initially wrote.

“Do construction workers sometimes wear their hard hats backwards? Yes. But to do so, the internal suspension has to be reversed to fit correctly, which explains why, when Biden donned the hat with the brim forward, the nape strap ended up on his forehead,” they wrote.

“The prevailing counter-argument is that if the suspension of the hat has been purposely configured by its owner such that the bill and tightening knob are worn to the back (as was the case of the hat Biden wore), to wear that hat with the bill facing forward is, practically speaking, to wear it backwards. Therefore, it’s argued, it’s actually true that, in the photo op discussed below, Biden was wearing it backwards. The strap and tightening knob, which should have been behind Biden’s head, were on his forehead,” they later wrote.

“A corollary to that argument is ‘Biden looks d— silly in any case,’” Snopes added.

“We find these arguments sound. Therefore, the claim ‘President Joe Biden wore a hard hat backwards during a photo op with union construction workers in Superior, Wisconsin’ is true, and this fact check has been re-rated as such. Thanks to all who argued on behalf of this correction,” Snopes wrote.

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