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Surrogate mom refuses abortion despite parents’ demands over COVID concerns

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A surrogate mother, known as “Heathyr,” recounted her experience of being pressured to terminate her pregnancy by the intended parents due to concerns about COVID-19 and their desire for twins.

Heathyr said, “I had been wanting to be a surrogate for over five years at this point.”

“For me to be a parent, that is literally my favorite thing in the world,” she continued.

“What do you mean? It’s a baby. It’s a healthy baby. I’m not understanding,” said Heathyr to the couple.

Despite her opposition to abortion, the parents insisted, causing significant distress.

Heathyr said, “So she reads me this letter and the gist of it was, ‘Heathyr we are so sorry, but you know, this virus is getting pretty bad, and we just think it would be best for you to have a termination at this time. And we will try again when the virus is over with and we would be happy to work with you again.’”

“Which was fine, that was the least of my worries at that time. I just didn’t want to have a termination and just wanted this baby to be loved and cared for, which is why I became a surrogate,” she continued.

“He was sending her certified mail to the office about the emails. They were pretty much just printed out. And he was calling the office every day,” she recalled.

The situation escalated with the parents expressing anxiety over the virus and making demands, but after the baby’s birth, they seemed to have a change of heart and welcomed the child.

“I was so worried, so stressed every day, like crying myself to sleep,” said Heathyr. “I was just so baffled I was still being asked about termination….this was a full-size baby!” she exclaimed.

“I just know, I saw the way they looked at him and the mom was just so happy and crying,” Heathyr recalled.

“And that’s what I wanted. You can’t force somebody to want a baby, but the whole journey I was so scared. And I just knew when I saw them that they are happy,” she explained.

“I’m happy that they came around and are just loving their baby,” concluded the surrogate.

Despite the challenging experience, Heathyr expressed relief that the parents ultimately embraced their baby.

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