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Migraines Can Be Predicted By These Two Things, Study Shows

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A recent study published in the journal Neurology suggests that changes in sleep quality and energy levels can predict the onset of migraine headaches the following day.

The study tracked 477 individuals over a two-week period and found that poor sleep quality and low energy were linked to increased likelihood of migraines.

Understanding these warning signs could help in preventing or managing migraines, potentially reducing the need for medication.

“The major finding from this study was that changes in sleep quality and energy on the prior day were related to incident headache in the next day,” Dr. Kathleen Merikangas said.

“It’s a very exciting study because of how well done and how detailed and how large it is,” Dr. Stewart Tepper said.

It is recommended to monitor stress, sleep, exercise, and diet to track indicators of an impending migraine.

“If we can identify things in the environment that people can change, then we’d like to be able to prevent the attack in the first place,” Merikangas said.

“If we can do that with behavioral interventions … then they may be able to prevent it by either going to sleep to offset it or some other intervention that would prevent us from having to use medication to prevent the attack.”

“There’s no downside because rimegepant has almost no side effects and is not associated with transformation into chronic migraine,” Tepper said.

Cognitive behavioral therapy and certain vitamins and supplements may also be beneficial in managing migraine frequency.

“It’s really important to think of the full context of our health,” Merikangas said. “By being able to characterize not just headaches, but also all these other systems, we might be able then to get a handle on causes of negative health events.”

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