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Investigators Uncover Bowman Deception In Fire Alarm Probe

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Rep. Jamaal Bowman activated a fire alarm in a congressional office building, claiming he did so while rushing to make a vote on a stopgap measure to avert a government shutdown.

However, an investigation found that he was actually en route to an emergency Caucus meeting, not to cast an imminent vote.

The report also disputed Bowman’s claim that he “mistakenly” activated the alarm, citing surveillance video showing him deliberately pulling the fire alarm lever.

The “exchange demonstrates that although Rep. Bowman may have initially believed a vote on the continuing resolution was imminent, Rep. Bowman had already been made aware of the emergency meeting and that it was necessary for him to attend — prior to activating the fire alarm,” the report read.

“In light of this evidence, the OCE finds the explanation provided by Rep. Bowman’s official statement and those published by his staff to be less than credible or otherwise misleading,” the report noted.

The Office of Congressional Ethics recommended dismissing the allegation of obstruction of an official House proceeding but vouched for further review of the allegation that Bowman willfully and knowingly gave a false alarm of fire in the District of Columbia.

“OCE staff obtained evidence appearing to contradict Rep. Bowman’s claim that he mistakenly activated the fire alarm. Surveillance video obtained by the OCE shows Rep. Bowman deliberately pulling the fire alarm lever without ever looking back to determine whether the alarm facilitated the opening of the emergency doors,” Bowman’s statement read. “Indeed … Rep. Bowman casually walked away from the secured area upon triggering the fire alarm, appearing seemingly disinterested in actually departing through the exit.”

The House Ethics Committee declined to move forward with a probe, citing Bowman’s censure and compliance with a deferred sentencing agreement from a plea deal.

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