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Howard Dean: Donald Trump Has Never Cared About the United States of America

via Bloomberg Television
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Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean expressed on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360″ that former President Donald Trump’s actions regarding the border issue reflect his self-centered focus, claiming that Trump has never truly cared about the United States.

Dean criticized Trump’s influence over the Republican Party, stating that the party’s fear and lack of autonomy are detrimental to the country.

He emphasized the need for a strong Republican Party and suggested that people will eventually recognize the party’s priorities.

“The border issue as Mitt Romney pointed out today, the idea that the former president would you know, get senators, members of the House, but most importantly right now, members of the Senate, to basically back away from an actual border deal because he didn’t want to give any kind of perceived win to the White House while you know, during this election because he wants to run on the border, it’s not surprising I guess, but it’s, I mean, it’s deeply cynical,” Cooper said.

Dean expressed confidence in Joe Biden’s ability to defeat Trump.

“Donald Trump has never given a d— about the United States of America. The only thing Donald Trump gives a d— about is Donald Trump and that is what’s going on here,” Dean said.

“The trouble is when he has the power to intimidate all those people in his own party who are being jerked around so fast they have no idea which way is up or down anymore, it hurts the country. We need strong Republican Party. Right now we don’t have any Republican Party. We have a guy who’s controlling them all because they’re so fearful they’re hiding under the bed.”

“The Republican Party cares much more about the Republican Party than they do about the United States of America. I think people are going to figure that out. I suspect Joe Biden is going to beat Donald Trump,” he said.

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