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Gavin Newsom Claims ‘Pathetically Weak’ GOP Doesn’t Care About America

via CBS
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Governor Gavin Newsom criticized the Republicans for following Donald Trump’s directive to halt negotiations on immigration and the border, labeling their actions as weak and politically motivated.

He expressed disappointment in Mitch McConnell and the current Speaker of the House, accusing them of prioritizing political gains over solving the border issue.

Newsom emphasized the need to address the problem rather than using it for political purposes, highlighting the impact on border states like California.

“Mitch McConnell, I thought that was shameful. Just completely rolling over and capitulating. Don’t even get me started with the weakness of the current Speaker of the House. They don’t want to deal,” Newsom said.

“They don’t want to make this quote unquote campaign win for Joe Biden. Everything you need to know about the fraud that they are perpetuating on the issue of the border. They want to make this a political thing. They have wanted to make it ever since there were a few brave souls in that Gang of Eight. If we all remember those few,” he added.

He condemned the Republican Party’s actions as focused solely on political victories at the expense of the American people.

“They don’t want to solve this problem. They want to use it for political purposes. I say this is a border state governor who has introduced me to this issue. Where the largest port in the Western Hemisphere in the state of California. We live this. And I think it is a disgrace where the Republican Party is doing, what Donald Trump is doing,” Newsom said.

“It is hidden in plain sight. He sent out a tweet or whatever saying kill it. Those guys are so weak. It’s so pathetically weak. This Republican Party, the new Speaker said ‘Oh yes sir what else would you like us to do?’ We don’t care about America. We don’t care about our freedoms and liberties. We care about politics exclusively, at the expense of the American people. It’s all we care about is winning for winning’s sake.”

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