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Dress E. Jean Carroll Claims She Wore During Alleged Trump Assault Did Not Exist at the Time

via ABC
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E. Jean Carroll’s defamation trial against former President Donald Trump has raised questions about the dress she claims to have worn during the alleged assault, with Trump’s lawyer pointing out that the dress did not exist at the time of the alleged attack.

Trump has consistently denied the allegations and criticized Carroll’s changing story, while also highlighting the political connections of Carroll’s attorney.

Trump’s Attorney Boris Epshteyn said, “She said, this is the dress I wore in 1994. They went back, they checked. The dress wasn’t even made in 1994.”

“And that’s why the date’s moved around. This is the 80s. Is it the 90s? Is it the 2000s? President Trump has consistently stated that he was falsely accused and he has the right to defend himself,” he continued.

Trump said, “E. Jean Carroll was forced to change her story on the ‘Monica Lewinsky-type’ dress.”

“She originally claimed that the ‘event’ happened in 1994, and that she wore the Donna Karan dress on that day. The problem is that New York Times Fact Checkers found the dress wasn’t even made by Donna Karan until long after 1994,” wrote the former president.

“The truth is that she doesn’t know the day, month, season, year, or decade — because it did not happen. End this Witch Hunt now!” exclaimed Trump.

The trial has faced delays, and Trump’s past remarks against Carroll have been found defamatory by the judge.

Trump later posted, “Until the filing of this ridiculous lawsuit against me, I knew nothing about this woman, never heard of her, never touched her, had nothing to do with her. THIS IS A FALSE ACCUSATION FORCED INTO THE PUBLIC EYE BY DEMOCRAT OPERATIVES LIKE HER LAWYER, HER FUNDERS, AND OTHERS.”

He continued, “LOOK AT HER MANY CRAZY TWEETS, THEY SAY IT ALL — Another HOAX, just like Russia, Russia, Russia. These people are ‘SICK.’ Hopefully Judge Kaplan will see the light and do what is just and proper for America!”

The case continues with ongoing drama and controversy.

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