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Democrat Rep. Himes: ‘Uncontrolled Migration’ that Hurts Wages Is Only Issue GOP Has Against Biden

via The Telegraph
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Rep. Jim Himes emphasized the need for controlled migration across the border, acknowledging that uncontrolled migration can impact wages and is not acceptable.

He highlighted this as the primary issue Republicans have against President Joe Biden.

When asked about frustrations from a voter regarding the handling of the border and the support migrants receive compared to the black community, Himes noted that such frustrations are common in politics and stressed the importance of making a deal on immigration.

Himes noted that a number of Republicans “realized that the border is their one remaining political issue against Joe Biden,” resulting in the lack of a deal.

“I was speaking to a black Democrat out of Chicago who said that she’s a Democrat, but she’s going to vote Republican because she feels frustrated, infuriated, in fact, with the way Democrats, she says, are handling the border, and the benefits and the help that migrants are getting, help that she says the black community has been asking for for decades and is consistently told there’s no money for. So, she sees an imbalance there, and I’ve heard that from others in various cities. Do Democrats — what is the Democratic response to that voter who says she’s gone?” Katy Tur asked.

“Well, I’ve been in politics for a little while now, and you hear a lot of that, on a lot of different issues, we hear it on Israel-Gaza, when people get concerned about a particular issue, they say, this is what I’m going to do in the next election,” Himes said.

“Now, what’s going to happen is that, in November, I think, it looks like this is going to be the case, we’re going to have Donald Trump, with all that he represented for women’s reproductive rights and for chaos and attacks on democracy, and Joe Biden, you saw the numbers today, 3.3% economic growth. The contrast, you’re not choosing perfection, you’re choosing between two people.”

Tur interjected to question whether he had anything on immigration.

“Well, so, let’s focus on immigration for a second. We want to do a deal. You cannot have uncontrolled migration across the border. That is not acceptable. We see that here in New York City. It is not acceptable. So, we need to control the border. And yes, uncontrolled migration does put downward pressure on wages, so I understand why people object to the idea, for a whole bunch of reasons,” Himes said.

“We are there to do the deal, again, don’t take it from me. I heard the President, in the Cabinet Room, say, I will do a big deal. If a deal doesn’t happen, it will be because of the Republicans in the Senate and the House.”

He also mentioned that the contrast between Donald Trump and Joe Biden is significant, emphasizing the need for practical choices rather than perfection.

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