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California Gives No Jail Time To Woman Who Killed Her Boyfriend After She Blames Weed

via Ventura County
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A California judge sentenced a woman to no prison time, 100 hours of community service, and probation for killing her boyfriend after stabbing him 108 times.

The defense claimed she experienced a cannabis-induced psychosis after smoking marijuana, leading to a downgraded charge of involuntary manslaughter.

The sentence shocked prosecutors and the victim’s family, with the senior deputy district attorney calling it a miscarriage of justice.

“The sentence is a terrible miscarriage of justice. I can only hope it is not repeated by other judges. Because involuntary manslaughter and the use of a deadly weapon in California permits judicial discretion… the court was able to set her free with no jail. It is an unheard of sentence in my jurisdiction,” Ventura County Senior Deputy District Attorney Audry Nafziger said.

“We do not let people off the hook for drinking and hurting people,” she said. “People are convicted of being intoxicated and harming others and they, rightly, go to jail.”

“Psychiatrists and forensic psychologists and many in my profession have been well aware of marijuana-induced psychosis for decades,” Nafziger said.

The victim’s father expressed concern about the precedent set by blaming marijuana for violent acts, while the defense attorney emphasized the rarity of such well-documented cases.

The case has raised questions about the impact of marijuana-induced psychosis and the legal implications in criminal cases.

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