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Voters Share Top Running Mate Choices For Former President Trump If Elected

via ABC News
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Voters in New Hampshire discussed potential running mates for former President Trump in the 2024 election, emphasizing the importance of a younger candidate.

Some expressed the need for strong support and divine guidance, while others suggested specific individuals like Nikki Haley, Elise Stefanik, and several senators and governors.

However, there were also those who expressed concerns about Trump’s potential reelection.

“It has to be someone younger, a lot younger,” Maine voter Kate said. “He’s old. [President] Biden’s old. The number two is really important in this election.”

“It really doesn’t matter to me, but as long as it’s somebody who supports the main person, then that’s most important,” Massachusetts voter Irene said.

“Our president is gonna need our Lord God by him,” Arkansas voter Michael said. “He’s gonna have another battle on his hands trying to fix our country. It’s so far gone.”

“I think she would balance [Trump],” New Hampshire voter Diane said of Nikki Haley. “She would offset his craziness.”

“She is not presidential timber,” Trump said. “Now, when I say that, that probably means that she’s not going to be chosen as the vice president.”

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