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New Restaurant Emerges Named ‘October 7’ To Celebrate Hamas Massacre: ‘Disgusting’

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A new restaurant in Jordan named “October 7,” referencing a deadly attack by Hamas, has sparked outrage.

The attack resulted in widespread casualties, drawing comparisons to the Holocaust.

The restaurant’s opening has led to condemnation from various figures, with some highlighting the region’s cultural glorification of violence against Jews.

“The incitement and hatred against Israel breeds the terrorism and extremism which led to the brutal massacre of October 7th,” Israeli leader Yair Lapid wrote, noting that, “We expect the Jordanian government to condemn this publicly and unequivocaly.”

“There is a sickness and deeply embedded antisemitic culture in this region to honour rape and the murder of children to this extent,” conservative Chris Rose wrote.

Historical and political perspectives of Jordan’s role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including the idea that “Jordan is Palestine,” has caused additional tension.

The ideology is rooted in historical, geographical, and political arguments, emphasizing Jordan’s significant Palestinian population and the integration of Palestinian refugees.

“This is how peace with Jordan which majority 90% of it are Arabs Palestinians looks like,” Shadi khalloul wrote.

“A restaurant named after Oct 7th atrocities that killed brutality Israeli civilians, raped women, beheading innocent people, burning people alive with 136 hostages still kidnapped. Peace?” he added.

“DISGUSTING! A new restaurant just opened in Amman, Jordan, named ‘October 7’ – to celebrate the Hamas massacre of Jews,” activist Hananya Naftali said.

“Sick minds in Jordan,” he added.

“First Jordan refuses to let Palestinian refugees from Gaza into their country. Then Jordan demands a unilateral ceasefire from Israel after the worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. And now, they celebrate the horrors of October 7th,” Hen Mazzig wrote.

“This is not support for Palestinians,” he added. “This is pure, unadulterated hatred for Jews.”

“A reminder that Jordan is a state Israel actually has a peace agreement with,” British researcher David Collier wrote. “There will be no peace in the region until the Arabs stop worshipping the murder of Jews.”

“The Southern Kingdom of Jordan, a country heavily supported by the West, has a new restaurant named after the October 7 attacks,” columnist Nadav Eyal wrote. “This is not an isolated incident or merely anecdotal. The Jordanians have shown considerable support for the massacres carried out by Hamas.”

“Jordan? A new restaurant named ‘October 7’ because these are the monsters we are dealing with, damned cannibals, wretched terrorists who sit down to eat with their families in a restaurant whose menu represents: decapitated children’s heads, rape of women, abuse, severed limbs, butchered elderly women, burnt families, Abducted babies,” Noa Magid wrote.

“Imagine a restaurant called ‘September 11’, celebrating 9/11 terror attacks,” researcher Dr. Eli David wrote. “Imagine no more, here’s the brand new ‘October 7’ restaurant in Amman, the capital of Jordan , celebrating the massacre of 1,200 Israelis.”

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