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Major Donor Puts Pressure On Another University Calling For President To Resign

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Cornell University’s prominent donor, Jon A. Lindseth, has called for the resignation of the school’s president and has ceased donations due to the institution’s implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

Lindseth criticized the university’s commitment to DEI, citing a decline in educational quality and an environment of moral decay.

He highlighted concerns such as antisemitism, intolerance, and the alleged promotion of equal outcomes over merit.

“I am proud to count myself one of several generations of Lindseths who are Cornell alumni and invested donors, but I am alarmed by the diminished quality of education offered lately by my alma mater because of its disastrous involvement with DEI policies that have infiltrated every part of the university,” Cornell emeritus trustee Jon A. Lindseth wrote.

“I have spent years hearing the stories of Cornell and its leadership, participating as a student, and sponsoring and funding some of the University’s exemplary past work including the Library (which I continue to fund). I can no longer make general contributions until the university reformulates its approach to education by replacing DEI groupthink with the original noble intent of Cornell,” he wrote.

“Today, the instruction Cornell offers is in DEI groupthink applied to every field of study. The result is a moral decay, some call it ‘rot,’ that falls in line with prevailing ideology and dishonors basic principles of justice and free speech,” he said.

Lindseth urged the Board of Trustees to eliminate DEI staff, restore academic freedom, and cancel a proposed “Cornell Center for Racial Justice.”

“Alumni of Cornell have organized to offer support and feedback over the past year, providing policy recommendations and whistleblower accounts of problematic behavior on campus by students, faculty and administrators alike,” he said.

“The intent has been to see Cornell’s excellence restored by a determined rolling back of DEI and the toxic academic environment it creates.”

Lindseth, along with other alumni, seeks new leadership to address these issues and restore the university’s legacy and honor.

“With my writing of this letter, an increasing number of Cornell alumni are refusing to continue donating to their alma mater. Unfortunately, President Pollack and her administration have refused to engage with concerned alumni and their sound policy recommendations to correct Cornell’s course,” Lindseth wrote.

“No alumnus, student, or faculty member should accept Cornell’s being in this shameful position. We need new leadership to correct these intolerable circumstances and to redeem Cornell’s legacy and honor as soon as possible,” Lindseth said.

President Pollack and her administration have reportedly not engaged with concerned alumni or their policy recommendations.

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